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We are pleased to present you the new stable release 5.1.1 of KrisonAV CMS. From now on, version and subversion of our CMS will be equivalent to the compatible version and subversion of Codecharge Studio.

 Some of the new features are:

  • Full jQuery support. All custom code has been revised and no longer uses Prototype and YUI libraries.
  • New image rotator plugin added, using cycle2 javascript library. Rotate any image, any text or both without flash installed.
  • Meta keywords and description fields added for every article. Each article can have its own meta data
  • All icons in articles’ header are hidden by default and replaced by a single “settings” icon. When clicked, all icons are popped up.
  • Links to objects can be inserted as Artisteer buttons as well (for articles only)
  • Automatic client’s timezone computation is now executed before onload event. This is more convenient since new visitors won’t notice the double home page loading.
  • Friendly URLs revised. Due to some incompatibilities, the way URLs are converted to friendly URLs have been revised.
  • Jpicker library deprecated. Colorpicker library used instead.
  • Lightbox library deprecated. Prettyphoto library used instead
  • For performance reasons, thumbnails for images in “userfiles” folder are now automatically generated
  • Old Functions.js library is no longer used. All code revised to meet functions in Globalize.js.
  • mPDF library support for Vietnamese and Japanese articles.
  • Dutch locales revised.

Check out release notes for more information


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Setup instructions for Codecharge developers can be found here.

Setup instructions for anyone who doesn't own Codecharge Studio can be found here.